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Meta Cramer




Curriculum vitae






Phd project: (Im-)mobilizing Imperial Knowledge

In her Phd project, Meta Cramer examines the connection between global mobility regimes and academic knowledge production. Restrictive border regimes and visa policies and thereby the regulated right of movement can be identified as core characteristics of a post-colonial world order that continues imperial power structures, also in academia. While postcolonial sociology researches an unequal access and distribution of knowledge, only some empirical studies exist that research the social practices in which this inequality is enacted. This project aims to analyse the interrelation of current border regimes as neo-imperial power structures and globally unequal academic knowledge production in the humanities and social sciences. The central question is about the dynamic relationship between post-imperial and neo-imperial structures: which imperial structures have been changed, which have been and are continued and how can current social and epistemic conditions and their continuation and change be described on the basis of this relation?